There are there are probably hundreds of things that cause headaches. What we see typically at the Urgency Center are migraine headaches and sinus headaches. With that being said, there are a few things you should know about headaches if you have a headache on occasion.

See A Doctor If You Have Headaches Like These…

  • If you have a headache that you’ve never had before and it’s persistent, and will not go away, regardless of  almost anything you’re taking over the counter, you should probably be seen by a doctor.
  • if you have a headache that comes on suddenly out of the blue that feels like you were hit with a baseball bat, you should be seen immediately.
  • If your headache is so severe that you’re vomiting and can’t tolerate any fluids and can’t get in to see your primary care physician, you should be seen immediately by a an emergency doctor.
  • if you have a headache associated with the a fever, that’s reason for concern. Especially if it’s associated with a stiff neck or if you notice funny red rash. Those are reasons for immediate care. Don’t think about it, just get care and let’s make sure you don’t have some severe things in the emergency world of things we worry about. The reason we recommend that you be seen for those immediately because these are symptom of  meningitis.

What To Know About Non Emergency Headaches…

So if you don’t have any of those symptoms and your headache just won’t go away, what do you do? How do we treat headaches that might not be a medical emergency?

Medications Might Be An Option

Every doctor has their way of treating headaches in the emergency room. We use medications and there are several classes of medications that we use often. There are the medications that help you stop vomiting that often get rid of the headache! So you get a bonus – lose the nausea and the headache!

We Might Do A CT Scan

If this is a headache that you’ve never had before – something completely out of the blue and different from a “normal” headache for you, we’ll talk about imaging with a cat scan. So we have a CT Scan at the ER Specialists Urgency Center and we’ll take a quick look at your brain and make sure that we don’t see anything unusual.

We look for tumors. We look for bleeds. We look for any unusual architecture of the brain and we work with some great radiologist who are able to do that once we get your headache under control.

If you can’t walk you can’t talk, you call 911 or, if you have a fever and stiff neck or rash, you should absolutely be seen immediately.

If you are experiencing a headache and you can safely come to ER Specialists, we would love to help you. If you are alone or have any doubt about getting to our facility safely, or, believe you are experiencing a medical emergency please call 911.

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