Have you suffered an injury that requires immediate medical attention, but you can’t get in to see a doctor?

Many people will head to the ER (emergency room) and try to get treated. Chances are most emergency rooms will have a substantial wait time to see a doctor. However, when you come to ER Specialists Urgency Center in Colorado Springs you will see a doctor immediately. Your injury, regardless of how minor or major, can be managed without undergoing the wait of a traditional emergency room.

While some injuries are best handled with prompt medical attention, it is possible to treat minor injuries at home without any medical assistance.

Below are some situations where it is best to seek treatment from a medical professional.

1. Lacerations or Severe Cuts

Small abrasions can be overlooked and treated without medical assistance; however, if the laceration is a deep cut or gash it may require urgent medical care. This is because deep cuts will often require stitches and the use of topical antibiotic ointments to prevent infections. Doctors will also need to assess deep punctures or wounds where foreign bodies are present.

2. Broken Bones

A broken bone can be painful to experience and should be x-rayed as soon as possible to identify the severity of the injury. While the majority of broken bones can be treated using physical therapy and a plaster cast, there are some breaks that may require further surgery.

3. Sprains

Sprained ligaments can be as painful and can cause as much disruption in a person’s life as broken bones. The majority of sprains are treated using removable brace treatment that is completed within a few weeks.

4. Concussions

Falls or blows to the head can result in bleeding and inflammation. Additional symptoms of a concussion include confusion, numbness, slurred speech, severe headaches, nausea and vomiting, weakness or fatigue, and a decreased degree of functioning.

5. Burns

Minor burns can be treated without medical assistance, but medical professionals should be contacted for more severe burns. This is because severe burns have a high risk of permanent tissue damage with infection. Burns on the feet, hands, eyes, ears and major joints will require immediate medical attention.

6. Eye Injuries

It is crucial to preserve the functioning of your eyes and injuries to the eye can have severe consequences if not treated properly. If you experience any injuries to your eyes, you should seek out medical help immediately.

7. Insect Bites

While the majority of insect bites are harmless, there are some bites that can cause more severe medical problems including infections or allergic reactions.

Most moderate to severe injuries require a specific type of treatment at the ER Specialists Urgency Center. We treat adults and children with different types of injuries, and these options include prescription medication, burn care, plaster casts, stitches, slings, and referral to hospitals in severe cases.

If you’ve suffered an injury and can safely make it to ER Specialists Urgency Center, We would love to help you. If you are alone or have any doubt about getting to our facility safely, or, believe you are experiencing a medical emergency please call 911.

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