Chest Pain

People of all ages experience chest pain and, for most people, this is a scary feeling.  We understand that – there are a lot of important structures that live in the chest!  When you visit us for evaluation of your chest pain we, as emergency medicine doctors, consider life threatening illness first and foremost.

When should I seek immediate medical attention for chest pain?

chest painIn general, when you have any pain that is new, worrisome or associated with other significant symptoms you should seek care.  Specific findings that can be concerning when associated with chest pain include, but are not limited to:


  • occurs with deep breathing
  • difficulty breathing
  • pressure or tightness sensation
  • radiating pain
  • pain that worsens with exercise
  • inability to swallow
  • passing out or feeling like you might
  • sudden or progressive in nature
  • occurs with palpitations
  • recent injury
  • onset with severe coughing
  • Is uncontrolled


We’re available Sunday-Thursday, 11AM-10PM and Friday-Saturday 11AM-11PM



After obtaining a comprehensive history and physical your doctor will determine how to further evaluation and treat your chest pain.

A variety of lab tests can help your doctor determine the cause of your abdominal pain:

  • CBC
  • CMP (including liver function tests)
  • troponin (a heart enzyme)
  • d-dimer
  • lactate
  • urinalysis

Imaging studies may be indicated to diagnose your problem.  Options at our facility include:

  • X-ray with an option for a portable film
  • CT scan/CT angiogram (allows us to look at blood vessels closely)
  • Bedside ultrasound

IV and oral medications used to treat abdominal pain are tailored to your individual needs by your doctor.



  • acute myocardial infarction (heart attack)
  • asthma/COPD exacerbation
  • costochondritis
  • muscle strain
  • pleurisy
  • pneumonia
  • pneumothorax (collapsed lung)
  • pneumothorax (collapsed lung)
  • pulmonary embolism
  • rib fracture
  • thoracic aortic dissection

If you are experiencing chest pain and you can safely come to ER Specialists, we would love to help you.  If you are alone or have any doubt about getting to our facility safely, or, believe you are experiencing a medical emergency please call 911. 


(719) 522-2727

Our staff is ready for you Sunday-Thursday from 11:00 A.M. – 10:00 P.M. and Friday and Saturday 11:00 A.M.- 11:00 P.M.

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