Colorado Springs Urgent Care

 No Wait ER Level Treatment At Urgent Care Copays!

  • Open 7 days a week!
  • A welcoming reception area with front-desk personnel ready to assist you.
  • Speedy evaluation by board-certified physicians in a private exam room.
  • In-house labs performed with results provided in minutes.
  • In-house X-ray and CT scan located steps from your exam room.
  • Fast, high-quality care at low prices delivered with kindness and compassion.

 No Waiting, Low Prices & Top Quality Care!

Urgent Care Or ER?

Not sure if you need an Emergency Room or an Urgent Care Facility?

How Much Will This Cost?

You deserve to know how much your visit to ER Specialists will cost.

What Do We Treat?

We can treat almost anything an Emergency Room can treat – at a much lower cost.

Excellent Medical Care | Fair Pricing | Outstanding Customer Service

ER Specialists Urgency Center is a walk-in Colorado Springs Urgent Care clinic focused on providing patient-centered medical care that is fast, friendly, efficient, with costs only a fraction of traditional emergency rooms. 

Our board-certified medical staff, specially trained and certified in emergency medicine, provides the highest-quality medical care at the lowest prices possible.

We are dedicated to fast, friendly, low-cost and efficient medical care. Much less time wasted waiting to see a doctor and a dramatically faster time to treatment. Our on-site CT Scan, medical laboratory, X-Ray machine and ultrasound equipment are right here at our brand-new urgent care facility allows us to minimize the time to diagnosis, getting you home and feeling better fast!

Doctor-Owned Colorado Springs Urgent Care Clinic

As a healthcare team owned and directed by emergency room physicians, it is our goal to continuously improve the options for care of patients with medical emergencies.

We strive to provide comprehensive medical care for emergencies that can’t be cared for in a primary care office in a manner that reduces financial stress.

Dr Julie Marmon of ER Specialists

The right choice when you need sudden healthcare…
Our staff is trained in emergency medicine which means we are comfortable with emergencies. We know what can be treated at our urgency center and we know when you require the comprehensive care of a hospital based emergency room or direct admission to a hospital. We are smaller than an ER attached to a hospital which brings you closer to the state-of-the-art imaging and laboratory evaluation you may need. This makes our comfortable, accurate care fast so we can get you back to your regular life quickly.

Dr. Julie Marmon

Need Emergency Medical Treatment But Don’t Have Time To Wait?


Just great medical care at a fraction of the cost of an emergency room!

OPEN till 10pm & 11pm on weekends!!!!ER Specialists is the best urgent care facility and staff I have ever visited- top notch care and facility. Staff was amazing @ 10:45 pm on a friday night. I was cared for @ a high level and treated so kindly. This is ER care facility with urgent care payments. These ER Doctors may have figured out the best way to treat urgent needs in a BETTER and FASTER way than any ER and cost effective for patient. They have everything needed right there with faster results than a traditional ER. Thank you so much and I would highly recommend this facility to all COS residents.

J. P.

Friendly Staff

Advanced Technology

Convenient Location

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